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Our premium wooden frames combine a unique look and feel along with the ability to float. 


All of our models are handmade, polarized and offer 100% UV protection.  Each pair comes with a  travel case, a microfiber pouch and cleansing cloth.


Farr + Swit sunglasses are the perfect companion for your air to ocean adventures. 

Farr and Swit Sunglasses Woodgrain BLUE

Our Polarized TAC Lenses

Wooden Sunglasses 03.jpg

Grey Lens

Polarized TAC

UV 400

Dark Grey Appearance

Good in Strong Sun

Lens Grey Gradient.jpg

Gradient Grey Lens

Polarized TAC

UV 400

Grey Transition Appearance

Good in Mid to Strong Sun

Grey upper sun protection with clearer bottom portion

Wooden Sunglasses 03 Blue.jpg

Blue/Green/Grey Mirrored Lens

Polarized TAC

UV 400

Mirrored Blue Green or Grey Appearance

Good for Mid to Strong Sun

Island Hopper - Recycled PC and Wood

Lele Kai - Blue / Dark Grey

Heading to the beach?  Pick up a dry bag for only $12 with your purchase of

Sunglasses with code "STAYDRY

5L Dry Bag

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