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Black Dublin Horween Leather Strap Quick Release

Black Dublin Horween Leather Strap Quick Release



Proudly USA made with all USA materials

Designed to be comfortable the day you get it on your watch. 

22m lug is tapered to 20mm buckle

Quick release pins for easy strap changes

Choice of buckle - Brushed Steel or PVD Black


Horween Leather – Black Dublin

Chicago’s Horween Leather Co. has been producing the world’s best leathers since 1905. Their Black Dublin is a rich pull up leather that is vegatable tanned with a rich blend of natural waxes. 



Hand Made

The hand crafted straps are individually cut, sewn, and crafted by 1 highly skilled leather artisan in Batavia IL.


18 steps are carefully executed, including the final staining, creasing, waxing and brushing of the edges by hand.


Rest assured every detail is done with a surgeons touch!


Lug width 22mm

Buckle width: 20mm

Strap Lengths: 130mm / 80mm

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