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Farr and Swit Vice Wooden Puzzle

Farr and Swit Vice Wooden Puzzle

Enjoy the puzzle that was seen at the shows during the launch of the Vice edition.  Challenge yourself with this high end, laser cut 1/4-inch Maple hardwood puzzle from Starz Puzzles.  

64 piece 

5.5 " X 5.5" size



About Starz 

Starz Puzzles was created from the concept of combining beautiful works of Art with high-quality Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles. To achieve this, Starz Puzzles eliminated all paper. Next, Starz Puzzles created and patented a method in which it could laser cut its 1/4-inch solid Maple wood puzzles, before printing the artwork. This method assures true art reproduction with vibrant colors and intricate details. It also makes Starz Puzzles water resistent. Spills wipe off, which eliminates any damage to the puzzle.

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