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Review of the Farr + Swit Seaplane Automatic by Matt Scott

by Matt Scott

Automotive Journalist

Expedition Consultant

Modern society is built upon two pillars—time, and technology. You’d be hard-pressed to be successful today without either. But technology can be deceiving. Smartphones were sold to us as a tool to give us freedom, but how many times have you not taken the plunge headfirst into adventure because you’re afraid your phone will get wet? How many times did you resist getting off-the-grid because it would die? I wear a Farr + Swit Seaplane Automatic because half the timemy life often takes me places that a smartphone can’t survive—and the other half I’m just trying to escape the leash that is modern society.

Matthew Scott and Dakar, his adopted greyhound

When you’re in the field keeping time is an essential task and I love how my Seaplane Automatic reliably winds itself just by walking around, that’s one less battery or charger to worry about in the 15 countries and countless trips mine has endured since I started wearing it.

I love how easy and precise date changes are, an essential feature for those familiar with jet-lag. I like that the sailcloth strap is easily adjustable, it takes only seconds to adjust the strap in order wear it on the outside of your jacket If that’s what is required on the trip.

Best of all, I love how no matter where I am, my Farr+Swit Seaplane reminds me of home—designed in Chicago, assembled, and created the USA. Do yourself a favor, unplug from your phone, get out and explore—but still make sure you’re home in time for dinner.

Matt Scott is journalist and currently Senior Editor for @overlandjournal,

auto contributor to @outsidemagazine, and owner of Adventure Imports


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