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Our Story


At Farr + Swit, we know that time is more than just a number. We measure time not by the hands on our watch, but the moments we make. That’s why we aim to make quality watches that do more than just track your steps or connect to your smartphone. We believe that a quality watch doesn’t need to be updated or re-charged. The true mark of a fine timepiece is one that lets you define and capture the time that matters most to you.

We are watch guys. We love the way that a quality watch has a way of capturing and collecting the most memorable moments in our life. And for us, most of those moments coincide with our love of travel. Farr + Swit was formed out of our desire to create quality time pieces that can serve as memento of the many adventures of life – whether it’s pitching investors in the boardroom or enjoying a sunset and scotch on the beach.

Our timepieces are born out of our passion for first-rate craftsmanship that spans generations. Made with the highest quality materials and a meticulous eye for design, we utilize workhorse movements and hand build our watches in the USA.  


When we started our company it was important to us to integrate charitable donations right from the beginning. Farr + Swit donates at portion of our sales and our products to local charities in the Chicago area that greatly benefit the community.  

Click here to learn about the charities we support.


Adam Farrand Hodge

"I have an old Timex worn by my grandpa, Nelson Farrand, and every time I look at it memories come rushing back.  The watch really only tells me the current time but somehow it goes way beyond that and reminds me of stories and experiences."

The Team


Andrew Paetzold

"In earlier life, while working for a retail jeweler, I fell in love with fine time pieces. Now, it is extremely satisfying to wear a stylish watch of extreme quality AND our own design!"


Zach Switalski

"One of my very first automatic watches was a Oris Williams F1. This watch stayed with me and was worn daily for approximately 10 years.  I was so proud of that watch...I loved when a "watch guy" noticed and knew what I was wearing.  That watch stayed with me through life ups and downs, job interviews, births of my children, and everything in between.  


I've recently passed this watch on to my nephew for him to begin his own journey with the watch as he graduates from college."

Watches, Beer, and Insight on the Farr + Swit Brand 

Ariel Adams, the founder of aBlogtoWatch, sits down with Adam to talk about the 
emerging trend of microbrand watches and how Farr + Swit was established.

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